Hydraulic-Servo Lathes 

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Applications requiring extra heavy cuts may be handled more effectively by lathes equipped by our unique new HS Control System.

Seneca Falls has always been known for its heavy duty production machinery line. One recent development by our engineers has been the CNC Hydraulic-Servo Control System. This consists of a precision hydraulic servo system with magnetic scale feedback to close the loop to a multi-axis CNC controller.

Lathes with this control technology and over 14,000 lbs. thrust power of hydraulics, can also do linear and circular interpolation, while holding good tolerances and heavy stock removal rates in a single pass.

No more worry about heavy work loads prematurely wearing out the ball screws or damaging the turrets and ways of your standard CNC lathe, and realizing uneconomical cycle times. The heavy duty Seneca Falls production lathe equipped with our HS Hydraulic-Servo Control System may just be the answers to your heavy metal removal rate machinery needs.