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                              USED EQUIPMENT



                          Seneca Falls Model EW-75-40

                           CNC End-Working Machine

                                 (Face and Centering)



General Specifications


Max. workpiece length: 40

Min. part length to be faced & centered 4

Max. gripping diameter 5

Min. gripping diameter 1/2

Bed way replaceable box type

Bed way width 24

Loading height 42

Main spindle drive motors 25 HP AC variable speed

Hydraulic unit floor mounted 10 Gal. capacity operating pressure 600 to 5000 PSI

Traverse rate 0 to 400 IPM infinitely variable

Spindle nose #50 ANSI

Spindle speeds 0 to 3,000 RPM infinitely variable

Spindle stroke 12

Plunge face mill-3 max. diameter

Hole through spindle 1.   Coolant capacity 85 Gal.

Weight (approx.) 15,000 lbs.


Equiped With


Fanuc OT CNC controls

(2) Hydraulic self centering vises

(2) Spot facing & centering CNC heads

Chip conveyor