Multi-Axis CNC Turret Lathes

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Sample Applications



                       Heavy Duty, Model 400 CNC

      The Seneca Falls
® Model 400 CNC series of lathes start with a model for part lengths between centers from 26" long or less and up to 134" long or less, and fits where most other slant bed lathes cannot. Its narrow footprint allows floor space efficiency without sacrificing flexibility or power.
      Utilizing GE fanuc CNC Controls, this heavy-duty, made-in-America lathe will provide many years of efficient, reliable use, in the tradition of Seneca Falls. A large through-hole spindle (up to 10") is available with 4 or more axes and bar or chucker capabilities, along with steady rests, tailstocks and turrets. This machine model is ideal for high volume long run production, but is flexible enough for short runs, allowing the best of both worlds. The operator reach to the spindle centerline is extremely short for easy part manual loading.
      The open bridge-type design is ideal for front-mounted loader, robots or gantry automation, and the machine design can be adapted for turning very long and large parts. With over 145 years of experience building lathes, you can trust Seneca Falls to build machines that perform ...and last!